Quality is paramount to the success of Muntz Industries / AFC Machining and the satisfaction of our customers. Our focus on quality and our ongoing investment in quality processes are vital aspects of Muntz Industries / AFC Machining’s business philosophy. Muntz Industries / AFC Machining achieved their Quality Management System Certification in December 2006.

Certificate by DQS, Inc.

Muntz Industries / AFC Machining's quality assurance covers all aspects of product quality, from engineering assistance in the prototype stage through post-production. Continuous monitoring and improvement hold part costs down and improve production turnaround, which are ultimately recognized through customer satisfaction.

We at Muntz Industries / AFC Machining believe that quality systems and their functionality is the result of our constant growth in the industry. By partnering with a world wide recognized registrar UL (Underwriter Laboratories) and a vigorous internal audit process we feel our quality systems and their processes produce an unparalleled level of value and reliability for our customers.